The strategy runs for many years to come. Therefore, education for children and young people continues to be a top focus area. Learning should not be restricted to children and young people, though. Supplementary training and upgrading of the work force are very important.

In Qaasuitsup Municipality, we consider learning and education to be the key to the future development of our society. Through learning and education, we provide our children and young people with the tools and competencies required to cope with the challenges of the future.

With that in mind, Qaasuitsup Municipality rates learning and the physical settings of learning high. We want to equip our children in terms of education so they can interact with and measure up to other children around the globe.

A prerequisite for jointly developing the school of the future is the social foundation. We must address problems early on and act swiftly to stop them from escalating. We must secure commitment from each other to building good, safe settings for our children and young.

In the future, it is important to have more young people complete an education and gain competencies at a higher level than today. We must make a special effort to attract skilled teachers to the municipality.

Qaasuitsup Municipality wants to help develop new ways of thinking education and school to help retain students on post-secondary education programmes.

Perhaps, in the future, it would be possible to combine a post-secondary education programme with an interest in sports? The required physical settings for different programmes – dormitories etc. – must be established as soon as possible.

Qaasuitsup Municipality wants to give high priority to learning and the physical settings of learning.

In Qaasuitsup Municipality, we value curiosity along with the courage and desire to acquire new learning – regardless of age. Supplementary education is a prerequisite for developing the labour market. For instance, many have poor reading skills and we need to map the number of poor readers and the scope of the problem.

Efforts will be made to strengthen courses and programmes related to the labour market. Upgrading of skills, trial jobs and rehabilitation are among the initiatives that we will work on.

We will continue to focus on developing vocational training through Piareersarfiit. We want to offer excellent supplementary training and courses to everyone who wants to upgrade their skills and develop new competencies in order to take on tomorrow's business and labour challenges in the municipality.

The older generation holds vast knowledge, which is not utilised today or passed on to the next generation. Qaasuitsup Municipality wants to stimulate knowledge exchange and activities across generations, getting the young to learn from the old and vice versa.

Qaasuitsup Municipality will make modern technology a key element in developing the educational sector. To a higher extent, we must use technology to tackle some of the challenges facing us.

In addition to knowledge of modern technology, solid language skills will be vital in north-western Greenland in the future. International study and language stays in English-speaking countries could be developed as an educational offer to our young.

Qaasuitsup Municipality will invest in expanding and strengthening the existing educational institutions. At the same time, the municipality contemplates expanding educational offers in climate, society, culture and languages.